Our Offers


No request is too big for us to handle. We always strive for perfection in our work to provide the highest level in one stop privilege corporate solutions across the globe. The Black Tie Service offers 24/7 customer relationship management solutions, lifestyle concierge, rewards programs and once-in-a-lifetime experiences and events.

So you will receive dedication and commitment from our experienced team of experts who believe in delivering the best of the best to our wide range of clients.

Our Offers


Asia’s leading one stop corporate privilege solutions, the Black Tie provides personalised customer relationship management and privilege solutions to your customers. We offer proven strategies to a variety of corporate clients from mid-size and large-size businesses. With our latest technology, all of our solutions have been designed to meet client’s business objectives, provide measurable ROI and exceed customer expectations.


For your best customers – we offer 24/7 corporate concierge full service to your VIP customers that builds lasting relationship and truly contributes the effectiveness of your brand’s objectives and customers’ preferences. We have the ability and experience to impress your customers and always ensure that your customer request is executed to absolutely perfection.


We believe that the journey always tells the best stories. The Black Tie understands the productive role that ultimate travel experience can play in developing relationship, inspiring and retaining your loyal customers. Our unique premium client engagement platform can develop bespoke solutions that meet your business requirement to accommodate your VIP customers and ensure that the travel journey will be filled with excellence.

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, we use our diverse backgrounds and global connections to form a different standard of creativity, public relations and engagement activities to increase profit, service and performance.


At the Black Tie Service, our experienced event management team can design and execute from luxury fashion shows to elaborate thank you events, social gatherings and even intimate private dinners, we take care for every detail of each aspect of creative and production.

With our experience, knowledge, global network of partners and resources, we have created and customised event solutions from concept to execution that match our client’s needs and also offer unique opportunity for our client to please their customers to attend a variety of high profile events around the globe.


Beyond car service, the Black Tie can accommodate any of corporate and personal travels you require from limousine, private vans, private aircraft and more.

Travel in style with Black Tie Limousine service, our reliable driver who can pick you up from your home or designate location to the airport or even have our driver waiting for you at the airport around your arrival schedule we can also provide the solutions that works for you no matter how big or small of your group. Our limousine service offers a variety of luxury vehicles like BMW, Teslas and Camry.

Available in Thailand and Hong Kong for 48 hours advance booking for your reservation at http://www.blacktie-limousine.com/

How We Work

1. Gathering Requirements

This is the first step in getting to understand your business, objectives and expectations.

2. Customizing The Package Offering

We will customize the package offer with defined project timeline, objectives and deliverables.

3. Final Proposal

Align expectations and customer satisfaction goals in order to meet company’s objectives.

4. Client Approval

Final review of deliverables before project agreement and execution.

5. SOP/ SLP Set Up

Standard Operational Procedures and Service Level Agreement will be drafted based on final agreement. This step usually requires 2 weeks.

6. Staff Training

To align with business objectives and customer satisfaction goals, The Black Tie Service will be focusing on our staff training in delivering the best service. We strive to ensure the best quality of service standards in all client engagements.

7. Trial Service

We seek to further fine tune our process and privileges via feedback and actual execution.

8. Launch

Official launch of campaign/project.

9. Monthly Report

Our comprehensive report ensures that clients are always kept up to date with the latest performance and statistics of the project, and serves to help optimize the customer experience along the way.