New limousine service is the latest ride-hailing app you need to try

by blacktie_admin Post at January 31, 2018 in Thailand

Bangkok has a new player offering a wide-range of chauffeured cars

Taxis and ride-hailing apps have been grabbing headlines of late. And now, there’s a new app in town, taking things a bit more upscale and offering solid safety assurances.

BT Limousine is Bangkok’s first limousine booking app, meaning it goes beyond the ubiquitous Camry. You can book a BMW 7 series or a luxury minivan for example.

While anyone can use the app, there are special services for corporate clients, which promise access to the VIP Fast Track and VIP Lounge at Suvarnabhumi International Airport when using the service.

BT Limousine is also touting higher safety credentials: drivers have had a criminal background check; cars are covered with first-class insurance. That means that, in the unlikely event of a fender bender, you’re covered, too.

We tried the app, which is available on desktop, Apple Store and Google Play under the name BT Limousine. Your phone and email are required to log in, but you don’t have to enter any credit card details to start using it.

Fare estimates depend on the car you’re using and that’s where BT Limousine really offers the most flexibility. You can book a Toyota Camry, BMW 5 Series, commuter van, Alphard (a luxury minivan by Toyota), a Toyota Fortuner or a BMW 7 Series. A top-notch BMW 7 series to the airport is B4,000 for example, while a Toyota Camry would be B1,200. Currently, there’s a 20 percent promo code when you first use the app. Payment can be done in-app by credit card. And, of course, there’s an option to rate your driver.

Flying into Bangkok, the difference with other services is particularly notable, as your driver will be waiting for you inside the airport, at the arrivals exit.

So if you want to get somewhere in a bit more style, at least there’s now an app for that.

Download on Apple Store or Google Play.